The building blocks for solutions

Sensors The source of data

Astute use of sensors enables the acquisition of data at the needed precision, accuracy and within the allowed cycle time.

Analysis Data in actionable form

Whether it is the disposition of a single piece part, a statistical sampling, or evaluation across variables such as time, material, suppliers, or processes, having the best analysis enables you to make the best decisions.

Simplified reporting of results combined with visually powerful graphic rendering can make possible breakthrough understanding of complex issues.

Solutions A combination of technology and know-how

Our staff has experience in the these areas. Use us as a guide to discover how these technologies can be made to serve you.


Types of Sensors


Types of Analysis

  • CAD fitting for GD&T compliance with ASME Y14.5 as well as product and process improvement, and mold verification
  • Conventional dimensional reporting
  • Surface, Form and Contour
  • GR&R and Correlation
  • Statistical Methods and Process Control (SPC)
  • Reverse Engineering - creation of CAD models for Quality Control, Design feedback (parametric manipulation) or Rapid Prototyping (direct to machining processes)
  • FDA Regulated Industries



Our Services

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